heart of pandora

We’ve seen
The power to change the future
In our dreams

I can hear your cries within the noise
I laughed at it and it only dispose all of my weaknesses

Only you can know where you were heading
While chasing a different skies

We wished for the courage to face the future
You kept on smiling
While being lost in the past
Until you can return to the real present

The first time I want to know about you
I was scared at how far the distance between our hearts

Just by understanding any misunderstoods
We can start forward

I wanted to hold your tears and pains
But if I run I become restless as I run further
How far do I have to keep on running… …

I can hear your songs within the noise
and I started to see my disappearing self

Please give me the strength to change the future
Where I’m supposed to walk alone
I can fly very high
Just because of your smile

We wished for the courage to link our hearts
To keep on smiling with you
While being lost in love
Until I can return to the real me

a translation from opening song of pandora heart – parallel heart (best anime soundtrack 2009)

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